The Basics:

Not Denominational:

Like the church described in the New Testament, we
are not part of a denomination. Jesus prayed that his followers would be one. We try to do our part by keeping his Word as the only standard of faith.  We believe that the world needs unity, not more division.

We simply follow the Word of God and use it as our standard for all of our doctrines and beliefs.

Studies and Sermons
Worship Services:

Sunday Class:
9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Sunday Worship:
10:30 AM  and 6:00 PM

       Wednesday Class:           7:00 PM

We are a group of simple New Testament Christians who are trying to be like the church you read about in the Bible.  We shun man-made doctrines, and church politics, and keep our focus on living out the Scriptures, and encouraging others to do the same.   We believe you will find us to be Christ centered and truth loving.

We would be delighted to have you worship with us this Sunday.

You will not be solicited for money, you will not be pressured.  

But you will be encouraged by the presence of cheerful people who will see the best in you

We look forward to your coming.


It is truly our goal , our aim, and our privilege to share the love of God with you.

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