Pattern of Worship

Plan of Salvation

Non Denominational

Biblical Leadership

There will be some things about our services that may be new or different for you.  We try to conduct our worship services only as we see in the Scripture.


Our services will include:

Gospel Preaching:

A message from God's word, made clear and easy to understand and apply.  We do not preach opinions, or get invovled in politics or the fad of the day.


Our singing is A'Capella which means "in the style of the church"
We are commanded to sing songs..

We do so as a choir of saints, with

every member singing.

Seeing we are the church...  Why not sing in the style of the church?


We take the Lord's Supper on the first day of every week, just as we see in our New Testament Scriptures.


Contributions are given from our members to support the spreading of the Gospel, and care for needy saints.  We do not take special collections or offerings, and we do not solicit funds from our visitors.


We pray often during our services.

We pray prayers of thanks, prayers for direction, prayers for our community, and prayers for the needs around us.  

We believe that in all things the Word of God has authority. Therefore we follow the pattern of salvation in our New Testament.


Those who are among the saved in the Bible are those who:

Hear the Gospel-

The message of Christ must be proclaimed. God makes clear what his will is for all mankind.

Those that hear, must make a decision on if they will


It is up to the individual to  choose to believe the Bible and the message of the Gospel, and if they are willing to put faith in that message, and in Jesus as the messenger.

This will call for some form of


We have all sinned and fallen short.

That is why salvation is offered. Those who accept his word as truth, will make every effort to change their lives and live by the truth.

Doing so puts Jesus in a position of


Jesus is Lord.  If we have faith in him, we will decide to live like him, follow, him, and obey him, knowing that he and the Father work for our good in all things. 

Because we believe his commands we submit to his plan of being born again.  


Is the pattern of rebirth in our New Testament. It is where all of these steps are made as a public pledge of faith.

Those who are baptized into Christ are then expected to continue to live in faithfulness.

Like the original church described in the New Testament, we are not part of any denomination.

Jesus prayed that his followers would be one (John 17:21) and we try to do our part by keeping his word as the only standard of faith.  We are not governed by any councils, creeds, or man made organizations. 


We believe that the world needs unity, not more division, so we simply follow the Word of God and use it as out only standard for all of our doctine and beliefs.

Our church is the people.
We are a body of believers and each part is active and important.

As we see in the Bible, we set up our leadership according to the pattern in the New Testament.

We do not have a Denominational headquarters, nor are we governed by any other group.


Although none of our members are more important than any of the others, the Bible gives us example of leadership to care for the flock, serve the members of the church, and teach and instruct.


We have Elders that are appointed according to the pattern in our New Testament.  Deacons that meet the qualifications found in the Bible, and an Evangelist that works with the congregation to teach and proclaim the word of God.


You will find all of the members here and all of the servants that serve in leadership to be friendly, helpful and approachable.


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