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For over 30 years the North Main church has been delivering "We Care" bears to provide comfort and care to the children admitted to Northern Surry Hospital in Mount Airy.

The bears are patterned, cut, stuffed, printed, stitched, and labeled by the members of the church, and delivered to the hospital.  Each bear is unique and they are made in all forms of colors and styles.


We hold "bear stuffings" at our congregation where we build these bears together, and we also pray for the impact they will have, and hope that they give children the comfort they need.  Our goal is to let people know that we have you on our hearts.

We regularly deliver hundreds of bears to the children in our community.

The label on the back says it all...

                  "We Care!"

Part of our church mission is found in Ephesians 4:16.  Our hope is that each part of the body of believers does its own work, and that each member is active in glorifying and serving Christ.

With this goal in mind, we encourage each member to be involved in at least one of the following groups:

The purpose of this group is to pray for our church, its members, our activities and our community.


This group has a focus on providing meals, comfort and care to those in need.


The goal of this group is to visit the sick, the needy, and those needing encouragement.  We also try to encourage contact with all of our visitors and guests.

Activities / Events

This group plans events and activities for our members to meet the needs of the church and those around us.


This group is focused on getting the message of the Gospel out into our community.

In the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20, it tellsus that each member of the church is called ot be a disciple.  This means they are to be a student.

 As Christians we are to be a student of the word, a student of the teachings of Christ, and then as a good student, an imitator of what we see in Jesus and his teachings.


The calling of this passage is that each of us go forth, to help in making more disciples.  This gives each Christian the charge of personal ministry.


We encourage our memnbers to shine as a light, and to be involved in living a life where people wil ask for the reason for the hope that we have.

We also encourage each member to be active in spreading the life, and the message of Jesus Christ.  

We, like God himself, desire to see all men and women be saved.

The North Main church has been involved for years in supporting the various missions and efforts to expand the borders of the Kingdom of God.
Two of the efforts we support both in prayer and financially, are the efforts of Evangelists, in India,

and also the group India Missions.


Our Evangelists in India have served for many years, and have built up and encouraged many works there.
India missions has developed into a group of 16 congregations, built up by Evangelists that we personally support.

Part of their efforts are in caring for needy widows and orphans as we are called to do in Scripture.
Another effort of India Missions is to spread the Gospel and care for the needy by means of a school offering Christian education to orphans and to Christian and Hindu Children.
This effort has brought many to Christ, and has serverd to provide a great future for many children and many families in India.